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San Sebastian Festival presents the image of its 62nd edition
The design of the official poster highlights the prominence enjoyed by Festival, the consolidated and recognised image of which merges and identifies with its name, with no added frills.
Friday, May 9th, 2014

The Festival will run from Friday 19 to Saturday 27 September.


The new image for the 62nd San Sebastian Festival was unveiled during an event at San Sebastian’s Eureka! Zientzia Museoa. At the meeting, an announcement was made as to the winning proposals of the third poster competition called by the Festival for the Official, New Directors, Horizontes Latinos, Pearls, Zabaltegi and Culinary Zinema sections. Open to graphic designers all over the world, the contest received 1,100 proposals from 262 authors.

The winners are:

In the Official poster category, "Little 62", by TGA+Asociados, a design studio from San Sebastián helmed by Txema García Amiano, Nagore García Pascual and Xabier Martinez de Arbulo Vidal.

"The design of this poster has an essential objective: to highlight the prominence enjoyed by the San Sebastian Festival".

In its proposal for the Festival, the studio has chosen a sober, unadorned composition of forms and colours, with a decidedly typographic structure placing the focus on the words and lettering of the poster to convey a short and clear message: "the absolute prominence of a festival which, in its 62nd edition, makes its stand as a consolidated, mature event, with sufficient reach and acclaim to need no other images, elements or accessories than its name to be identified and recognised".

The winner in the New Directors category is the poster "Incógnito" by the Cuban designer and illustrator living in Mexico, Erick Ginard. Erick has designed over a hundred books and magazines, and has worked in creative teams with numerous Cuban publishers. His illustrations have appeared in publications throughout the American continent and posters designed by him have participated in several collective exhibitions in the genre.

What Erick says about the poster: "I like to think that the first work by any artist (no matter what the medium) holds a large part of the author’s pure essence, and that representation prompts me to imagine a first work as a sort of self-portrait... The thought inspired me to conceive an image of extreme simplicity, almost primitive, that would hint at unmistakable traits of its author, but which would nevertheless maintain the mystery of something not yet completely revealed, an element of the unknown...".

The Horizontes Latinos category goes to "Cactus+Horizonte", also by the design studio from San Sebastian, TGA+Asociados.

"With a visually simple and minimalist design, the poster is intended to make a graphic impression instantly recognizable by the public, using an iconic element like the cactus which, added to the composition of the sky and the earth, rapidly transports us to a Latin geographic generic, while permitting us to evoke more symbolic spaces, such as deserts and physical and vital frontiers".

In the Pearls category, the winning poster is "Cactus", by the designer and interior designer from Barcelona, Pablo Carballeira.

"The idea of this poster revolves around the concept of a pearl, understood as something small and rarely beautiful that contrasts with the elements around it. This proposal is not intended to be literal and takes recourse to a metaphorical image, where small, delicate cactus flowers sharply contrast with the hostile surrounding thorns, all the while living in harmonic coexistence".

The entry entitled "Madelaineye & Asiereye (A Love Story)" has been chosen as the image of this year’s Zabaltegi section. The poster is the work of Toni Pontí (winner of the Official Poster last year and of the Horizontes Latinos poster in 2012) and Toni Corbella from TO2. This Catalan studio was born in late 2013 as a multidisciplinary space/concept between friends and partners dedicated to artistic disciplines ranging from design and photography to music, ephemeral architecture, cinema, etc.

"The story of the poster is an attempt to reflect the unreality of today’s society as if it were the cover page of a 60s magazine. A couple who live an idyllic, perfect, carefree relationship based on the deceptive welfare culture".

Note: Having initially decided not to announce a winner in this category, the jury finally chose a proposal from among the finalists for the Official selection poster to represent this year’s Zabaltegi section. The poster has been slightly modified by its author to suit the section title.

Lastly, this year a poster has also been selected for the section dedicated to film and gastronomy: Culinary Zinema. The winning poster is "Flash!" by the Catalan studio TO2.

"This poster represents the entire gastronomic universe laid bare. The egg yolk is the absolute star of the show, metaphor of the essence of cuisine for its use as an ingredient in countless recipes, and its morphology and colour act as a cinematic bridge given its similarity to an eyeball, spotlight or camera flash".

The image of the 62nd is completed by:

Savage Cinema

This year’s Savage Cinema is a nod to the culture of motorbikes. The star is a savage work from the El Solitario MC artists group who reinvent the conventionalism of this global scene.

The creative concept of the campaign comes from Surfilfestibal and the poster is designed by Borja Garmendia (Pensando en Blanco) on a photograph by Iker Basterretxea.

The teaser of this section is a work of Carlos Guzmán (Editing) and Esteban Ramos (Image).


The two retrospectives posters, created by Roberto Cueto and Eurosíntesis and their promoitional clips by Carlos Rodríguez from Morgan Creativos.

Dorothy Arzner
Eastern Promises.
Autobiography of Eastern Europe in 50 films

The Poster Contest Jury also decided to make a number of special mentions in all six categories:

Special mentions – Official
Red Carpet, by TO2 Colectivo La delgada línea roja, by TO2 Colectivo Zinemaldia 2014 TYPE, by Jordán Fernández Barranco
Special mentions – New Directors
Genesis, by Bárbara Sánchez Palomero El cubo, by Haritz Jiménez Arce Underground, by Matias Gageao
Special mentions – Horizontes Latinos
Cactus, by TGA+Asociados Jelou, by TO2 Colectivo Atmósfera Latina, by Diego Martín Sánchez Conexión, by Ebentze Madina
Special mentions – Pearls
Diferencia, by Inés Ortega Abril Grandes, by Maite Rosende Gutierrez Nueva Constelación-Perlas II, by Victor Pico García Perlinski, by TGA+Asociados
Special mentions – Zabaltegi
Torre, by Lander Telletxea Armendariz Luz, by Pedro Rodriguez Legarra ¿Quién lo ve al revés?, by Matias Cageao Verde, by TO2 Colectivo
Special mentions – Culinary Zinema
Platera, by TGA+Asociados Mise N Place Au Cinéma, by Alba Fernández Ceniceros Trampantojo Terror, by Ricardo Rayon Encinas On Egin/The End, by Javier Medina Suárez-Pumariega


The Festival is possible thanks to the contributions and enthusiasm of many people and companies, including:

  • TVE, GAS NATURAL FENOSA and MOVISTAR TV, Official Festival Sponsors.
  • KUTXABANK, Official Partner and Sponsor of the Kutxa-New Directors Award.
  • AUDI, Official Partner and Official Vehicle.
  • BASQUE GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND COMPETITIVENESS, Sponsors of the Industry Club and of the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum.
  • EUROPEAN UNION’S MEDIA PROGRAMME, for its support of the Industry Club.
  • IBERMEDIA PROGRAMME, for its contribution to Films in Progress.
  • EGEDA, AUDIOVISUAL PRODUCERS’ RIGHTS MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION, as sponsor of the Best Project Award at the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum.
  • CINANDO, for its contribution to the Festival Film Library.
  • VENTANA SUR of the Buenos Aires Market and PRODUCERS NETWORK of the Cannes Festival, collaborators of the Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum
  • BASQUE CULINARY CENTER, joint organiser of the Culinary Zinema: Cinema and Gastronomy section.
  • CULINARY CINEMA of the Berlin Festival, collaborator of the Culinary Zinema: Cinema and Gastronomy section.
  • RED BULL MEDIA HOUSE, co-organiser of the Savage Cinema section.
    COOKIE BOX, co-organiser of the section Dramanagement: Cinema & Company.
  • TABAKALERA-INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY CULTURE, co-organiser of the International Film Students Meeting.
  • IRIZAR, Sponsor of the Irizar Basque Film Award.
  • TCM, Sponsor of the TCM Zinemaldia Meetings.
  • EL DIARIO VASCO,who will be present at screenings in the Velodrome.
  • JAEGER-LeCOULTRE, Sponsor of the Festival Opening Party.
  • PERRIER JOUET, Official Festival Champagne.
  • KELER, Official Beer.
  • EITB, Partner of the Zinemira Section and of the Basque Film Gala.
  • SAN TELMO MUSEUM and FILMOTECA VASCA, partners of the Cycle: Eastern Promises. Autobiography of Eastern Europe in 50 films.
  • SGAE-FUNDACIÓN AUTOR, Festival Sponsor.
  • SAN SEBASTIAN, EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2016, Festival collaborator.

And the members of the Board of Administrators of the Sociedad Anónima Festival de San Sebastián: Spanish Government Ministry of Culture, Basque Government Department of Culture, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastian City Council.


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