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You are in: Home > 2016. 64th Edition  > News > The 15th International Film Students Meeting will take place on 20th-23rd September during the 64th edition of the San Sebastian Festival and will be held in Tabakalera
The 15th International Film Students Meeting will take place on 20th-23rd September during the 64th edition of the San Sebastian Festival and will be held in Tabakalera
Friday, July 29th, 2016

Yet another year the San Sebastian Festival and Tabakalera - International Centre for Contemporary Culture present the International Film Students Meeting, an event seeking to shed light on the work of students from film schools across the world. The pre-selection of works for this fifteenth, Meeting saw the participation of 229 short films from 112 schools in 38 countries: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Germany, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. Figures experienced a notable rise in comparison to previous years: the number of participating schools rose by 25% (from 89 in 2015 to 112 in 2016) and the number of short films presented by 18% (from 193 to 229).

The Meeting will take place at Tabakalera, from the 20th to the 23rd of September. The selected short films will be presented at sessions open to the general public and Festival guests.


Short films and Schools Selected

24° 51’ Latitud Norte / 24° 51' North Latitude (Short film)
Carlos Lenin Treviño (Mexico)
Country(ies) of production: Mexico
Escuela Nacional de Artes Cinematográficas UNAM (Mexico)

After eleven years of absence, Ernest returns to the town that saw him grow up and is reunited with his closest childhood friends. Among local anecdotes and hazy memories of the past, Ernest will discover that he is tied to a place and a past he thought he’d forgotten.

A Nice Place To Leave (Short film)
Maya Connors (Germany)
Country(ies) of production: Germany - USA
HFBK Academy of Fine Arts Hamburg (Germany)

A journey into the social staging of threat and reassurance, memories recorded by silkworms. Fragmentary archive footage from 1940s/50s USA is juxtaposed with associative images of Hamburg, Germany today.

A quien corresponda / To Whom It May Concern (Short film)
Valeria Fernández (Argentina)
Country(ies) of production: Argentina
Universidad del Cine (Argentina)

A tale of an specific instant, a letter addressed to whomever wants to read it. A quien corresponda (To whom it may concern) narrates the moment the director's mother died.

Adaptacja / Adaptation (Short film)
Bartosz Kruhlik (Poland)
Country(ies) of production: Poland
The Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz (Poland)

Adaptation: 1. Any alteration in the structure or function of an organism by which it becomes better fitted to survive. 2. The process of change by which an organism becomes better suited to its environment and more resistant to outer stress.

Celebració / Celebration (Short film)
Pau Cruanyes Garrell (Spain), Gerard Vidal Barrena (Spain)
Country(ies) of production: Spain
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

Wandering around at her wedding, a bride is treated by those she passes like just another guest. In this surrealist setting, her only bearing is the figure of her father, and even they have a strange relationship.

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Étage X / Floor X (Short film)
Francy Fabritz (Germany)
Country(ies) of production: Germany
Deutsche Film- und Fersehakademie Berlin GmbH (DFFB) (Germany)

An accidental meeting in an elevator at a department store leads two older women to their limits and forces them to improvise by the time the elevator gets stuck.

Evyona / Jouissance (Short film)
Segev Shaw (Israel)
Country(ies) of production: Israel
Beit Berl College Faculty of Arts - Film Department (Israel)

We are in being, and being does not know time. Jessica, a French - Israeli visiting Israel, is searching for being, for Jouissance.

Gabber Lover (Short film)
Anna Cazenave-Cambet (France)
Country(ies) of production: France
La Fémis (France)

2000's, Nérac. Laurie and Mila (13) dance near by a lake in the forest. Mila is in love with Laurie and she wants to tell her.

Grad / The City (Short film)
Masa Sarovic (Serbia)
Country(ies) of production: Serbia
Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (Serbia)

Dunja and her boyfriend arrive in Belgrade. He leaves her alone for a second, when a too friendly local guy appears and refuses to leave her alone.

Kupranugaris / The Camel (Short film)
Laurynas Bareisa (Lithuania)
Country(ies) of production: Lithuania
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Lithuania)

A camel dies in the local zoo. Paulius and Indre - two caretakers discover it and try to dispose of the dead animal. But it turns out to be a much harder task than they imagined.

Mariâ / Mary (Short film)
Grigory Kolomytsev (Russia)
Country(ies) of production: Russia
All-Russian State University of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (a.k.a. VGIK) (Russia)

A year after her son went missing, the mother receives the news that her son is in Ingushetia, Caucasus.

O noapte în Tokoriki / A night in Tokoriki (Short film)
Roxana Stroe (Romania)
Country(ies) of production: Romania

In an improvised night club called "Tokoriki" the whole village celebrates Geanina's 18th birthday. Her boyfriend and Alin will give her a most surprising gift, one that nobody will ever forget.

Sweet Maddie Stone (Short film)
Brady Hood (United Kingdom)
Country(ies) of production: UK
National Film and Television School (United Kingdom)

15-year-old Maddie Stone rules her school yard under the protection of her family name. After discovering her notorious father has been arrested, she has to make his bail money. Which could lead her to become worse than the man she is trying to save.

Take Away (Short film)
Geórg Cantos (Spain)
Country(ies) of production: Spain
ECAM - Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid (Spain)

A Burger King in the wee small hours of the night. Five friends with a knot in their stomachs. Twenty-seven Whoppers to take away.

Umpire (Short film)
Leonardo van Dijl
Country(ies) of production: Belgium
Luca School of Arts (Belgium)

Axelle, a young, promising tennis player is left in increasing desperation when she learns that Jeremy, her attentive coach, remains detained for further questioning.



A jury consisting of students from the participating schools and chaired by a personality from the world of film will choose the winner of the Panavision Award, carrying a complete camera package including RED Epic camera and Primo standard lenses for four weeks of filming, or a voucher worth €10,000 for renting any kind of Panavision material.

On the other hand, a jury consisting of students from Basque schools, coordinated by a professor from the Mondragon University and chaired by the Orona Fundazioa's Developing Director, will grant the Orona Award to the most cutting-edge film, worth 5,000€. The award will be given to the short film’s director.

The International Film Students Meeting is co-organised by the San Sebastian Festival and Tabakalera - International Centre for Contemporary Culture. The Meeting will enjoy the support of San Sebastian 2016, European Capital of Culture, which advocates the development of a continued process of backing for audiovisual creation that will make it possible to convert San Sebastian into a European centre of attention as regards production in small and medium format.

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