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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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El Amparo
Horizontes Latinos
Rober Calzadilla
Foto: Asier Garmendia
Rober Calzadilla, Giovanni García
Foto: Gorka Estrada
Rober Calzadilla
Foto: Alex Abril
Rubén Sierra Salles, Gustavo Rondón, Michel Rivas,Karin Valecillos, Marianela Illas, Giovanny García, Vicente Quintero, Rober Calzadilla
Foto: Pablo Gómez
Rober Calzadilla, Giovanny García, Vicente Quintero, Gustavo Rodón, Michel Rivas, Marianela Illas, Karin Valecillos
Foto: Alex Abril
Rober Calzadilla, Sandro Florin, Karin Valecillos, Giovanny García
Foto: Gorka Estrada
Rober Calzadilla, Sandro Florin, Karin Valecillos, Giovanny García
Foto: Gorka Estrada
Horizontes Breakfasts ''El amparo'' - 2016
Horizontes Breakfasts ''El amparo'' - 2016
Horizontes Breakfasts ''El amparo'' - 2016 (es)
18m. 12s.
Horizontes Breakfasts ''El amparo'' - 2016 (es)

On the border of Venezuela with Colombia, during the late 80's, two men survive an armed assault in the channels of the Arauca River, in which fourteen of their companions we murdered in the act. The Army accuses them of being guerrilla fighters and tries via intimidation to seize them from the cell where they are being watched over by the local police officer and by the village population, who are desperate to prevent them from being taken away. They say they are simple fishermen, but pressure to yield to the official version is overwhelming.


Rober Calzadilla is an actor, screenwriter and director. He trained at the Juana Sujo School of Performing Arts and, in film, at the Central University of Venezuela School of the Arts. In 2013 he wrote, directed and edited the medium length film El país de abril, an experimental piece in black and white co-produced with Portugal. The project giving rise to El Amparo participated in the Films in Progress section of the San Sebastian Festival in 2015.

Rober Calzadilla
Karin Valecillos
Tumbarrancho Films
Marianela Illas
Películas Prescindibles / Cine Cercano
Rubén Sierra Salles
Caja Negra Producciones
Alejandro Prieto
Michell Rivas
Gustavo Rondón Córdova con la asesoría y colaboración de Mariana Rodríguez
Andrés Level
Vicente Quintero, Giovanny García, Vicente Peña, Samantha Castillo, Rossana Hernández, Tatiana Mabo
FiGa Films
125 Florida Avenue
Coral Gables
Running Time
99 m.
Venezuela - Colombia
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