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Our Newsflashes provide daily updates on the media repercussion enjoyed by the films selected for the different Festival sections and the list of professional activities scheduled for the following day. Newsflashes are sent out to all industry professionals accredited.


Intelligence, human knowledge, irony and laughter with two exemplary actors. (…) I left the cinema with a much-appreciated smile on my face. I suspect the same thing will happen to the majority of viewersCarlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

Brilliant dialogue, emotion, a touch of irony and great performancesMitxel Ezquiaga, EL DIARIO VASCO

Everything flows pleasantly with elegance and melancholy (…) even more fantastic than Woody Allen’s ManhattanLuis Martínez, EL MUNDO

Everything works perfectly in Juan Vera’s film: the eminent actors, the beautiful Argentine backdrops and torrential Argentine dialoguesOskar Belategi, DEIA

Ricardo Darín and Mercedes Morán together are like a philharmonic orchestra, (…) the textual elements of the film are exceptional, magnificent. The actors’ dialogues hit the mark every timeOti Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

A joyful and playful film taking in life, prison, language, literature, coke, bars, guns, son, wife, father and anarchist graffitiBegoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

Simply monumental. (…) As physical as it is subtle. As delicate as it is premature. As tumultuous as it is intimateBegoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

A finely-crafted, beautifully realized debut that exquisitely balances character study with shrewd commentary on class, desire, and the lingering privileges of Paraguay’s eliteJay Weissberg, VARIETY

One of the most honest and overflowing portraits of a film artist that I can remember seeing (…) it captures Bergman as the tender and prickly, effusive and demon-driven, tyrannical and half-crazy celebrity-genius he wasOwen Gleiberman, VARIETY

Vibrant and implacable, staying true to the essence of the plot, this outstanding feature-length animation succeeds in capturing the tension, cruelty and longing which arise along each stretch of a meticulously-described journeyKoldo Landaluze, GARA

One of the most interesting films of the year (…) Vibrant and dense, it moves along at a terrible and sometimes abrupt pace. The story is never sweetened and the film maintains the rigour of a journalistic documentary and the power of a carefully-put-together animation, somehow managing—almost miraculously­—to be spectacular, emotive and reflective at the same timeMikel G.Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

A deeply respectful, artful and compassionate eye outward, to the struggles of others, and finding such empathy there that the film amounts to a heartfelt statement of solidarity Jessica Kiang, VARIETY


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