72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Films in Progress
Films in Progress
Chico Teixeira
90 min.
Alice, married for the last 20 years to a taxi driver, works in a beauty parlour, has three children, the eldest of whom is doing his military service, and a mother who works as a maid in her house. None of the three siblings pay much attention to their mother, and they treat their grandmother with lack of respect. Alice?s life in the female working world contrasts strongly with the powerful masculine presence in her home. Although she?s a good girl, the chance to betray uncovers other betrayals she didn?t know existed.
Víctor González
140 min.
Pablo is a young catholic priest who wants to quit his duty but doesn't know it yet. In order to release himself from this predicament, he ends up making the wrong choices when he gets involved in a tortuous relationship between two older priests. This leads him to uncover a complex web of deception that will finally force him to act, with terrible consequences.
Luis R. Vera
120 min.
Fiestapatria is a metaphor on the social and moral state of Chile, in addition to a provocative testimony of the period from the start of the Pinochet dictatorship until today. Seen through a gallery of representative characters in Chilean society, the movie tells the tale of two families who meet at a country house to celebrate the national holidays and the engagement of their children, Macarena and Álvaro. Shortly before the expected happy ending to the event, the young Macarena discovers the family?s best kept secret.
Ana Katz
85 min.
It?s well into the small hours of the night as Inés, 31, and Miguel, 30, argue on a bus heading for a Mar de las Pampas spa to take a short break. The vehicle stops and she alights. She thinks he?s behind her. But she?s wrong. First of all she waits for the boyfriend, but later, between the quest for explanations, the uneasiness and the nausea, she seeks relief in the forest, the sea, a bow, the arrow.
Ernesto Contreras
110 min.
Winning a dream holiday for two, Marina realises that she has no-one to share the prize with and decides to invite a complete stranger to go with her. Together they discover that to fall in love they don?t need idyllic settings or ideal situations; there?s no way you can gaze lovingly into someone else?s eyes without that special something.
Lina Chamie
94 min.
Heitor and Julia are a couple. It?s late afternoon in São Paulo and they have a violent argument over the telephone. Heitor decides to go and see the girl to sort things out face to face. Beside himself with worry, he jumps into the car and sets off for her house. On the way there, in the streets of São Paulo at the start of the evening rush hour, Heitor observes the city and the city starts interfering in his thoughts.
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