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Newsflash 2011/9/16

‘The scene at the police station that reduces the Kafka-like like universe of bureaucracy to the level of the absurd is the funniest part of Adikos Kosmos.’
Mikel Insausti, GARA

‘An authorative enough proposal that depicts the moral and economic breakdown of the contemporary world.'
Sara Brito, PÚBLICO

‘A perplexing drama (of sorts) that appears to be heavily ideological.’

‘It makes it very clear how Japan survived the horrors of WW II and why neither earthquakes, tidal waves nor all the nuclear power the Fukushima heroes managed to bring under control will destroy the Japanese.
Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

‘It goes without saying that the last moments shared with family and friends are precious and emotional. Beautiful.’
Beñat Eizagirre Indo, BERRIA

‘Only a few privileged people get to see films like "Le Havre", the kind of film that makes you continue to believe in the potential of films as an artistic medium.’
Iratxe Fresneda, GARA

‘A modern story (…) starred by one of those people who should be essential for the world to function as it should: a humble shoe shiner who fooled around with art in the past and who has a code of behaviour leads him to help whoever asks for it, and at any price
Koldo Landaluze, GARA

‘A perspicacious and absurd sense of humour makes the audience laugh out loud. Well-deserved, resounding applause at the end.’
Beñat Eizagirre Indo, BERRIA

‘There is anger. There is loathing. There is sadness. There is tight-knit, narrow filming. If you can slip through the crack Nicolas opens, bingo! You’re in. If not, you’re left out. Wandering.’
Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

‘The film starts with a very moving sequence, showing us an aspect of immigration rarely seen in films on this topic.'
Koldo Almandoz, BERRIA

‘Katz, who wrote this script precisely with her brother, keeps the right mix of drama and comedy, with a touch of acid humour.’
Mateo Sancho Cardiel, DEIA

‘Harrelson turns his film into a playground and affords a riveting vision of his character’s neurasthenia’
Mateo Sancho Cardiel, DEIA

‘Quietly, in a premeditated silent manner, the director makes a perfect critical analysis of how complicated trying to being good can become’
Luis Martínez, EL MUNDO

‘Melodrama meticulously filmed by Canijo.’
E. Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

‘A film that narrates the undesireable state of things intelligently and comprehensibly.’
Carlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

‘Passionate, fascinating, he fights back, dares, attempts, fails, succeeds, provokes, goes into a delirium, dresses leathers and sap, takes out the skates, sets the streets on fire with them, philosophises about life, beauty, the opera, parents, friends, Death and manages to fid the (good) rhyme he was looking for.'
Begoña del Teso, DIARIO VASCO

‘Verso is an innovative proposal in the Spanish film scene that combines dialogue in verse, a hip hop rhythm and the simultaneous leading roles of a work by Cervantes, and allusions to comics and graffiti.’

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