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You are in: Home > 2015. 63rd Edition  > News > The San Sebastian Festival has unveiled the image of its 63rd edition
The San Sebastian Festival has unveiled the image of its 63rd edition
The design of the official poster represents the stimulation of the senses prompted in spectators by cinema.
The Festival will run from Friday, 18 until Saturday, 26 September.
Friday, May 8th, 2015


The new image for the 63rd edition of the San Sebastian Festival was unveiled at an event in the Newton Auditorium of San Sebastian’s Eureka! Zientzia Museoa. An announcement was also made at the gathering as to the winning proposals of the poster competition called by the Festival for the Official, New Directors, Horizontes Latinos, Pearls, Zabaltegi and Culinary Zinema sections. Open to graphic designers around the world, this fourth edition saw the highest participation yet, with 1,726 proposals from 415 authors.

The winners are:

In the Official selection poster category, “El espectador” (The Spectator) by the graphic designer and illustrator from Uruguay, Matías Francolino, and the designer from Vitoria living in Uruguay, Blanka Barrio.
The poster “aims to represent the stimulation of the senses prompted in spectators by cinema. A homage to the symbiosis between filmmakers and their audiences”.

In the New Directors category the winner is the poster “Family”, by the designer of Polish origin, Mateusz Marek.
On the subject of his work Mateusz says: “I have tried to capture the freshness of the image conveyed by new directors and the knowledge they may gain in the future. Markers, pens and paintbrushes on A4”.

In the Horizontes Latinos category, “Mi horizonte” (My horizon), by the young designer from San Sebastian, Maite Rosende:
“Exclusively using primary colours and adding a texture reminiscent of the earth, I worked to create a simple image to which we can attribute never-ending meanings and interpretations. The horizon, that line that seems to separate the sky from the earth, is represented here by the profile of a woman’s face with a lost gaze in her eyes”.

In the Pearls, category the winning poster is “Perlas que brillan como estrellas” (“Pearls that shine like stars”), by the designer from San Sebastian, Andoni Tebar Gaztambide.
“Every year cinema regales us with tales of unthinkable, romantic, action, fictional realities... Great films that are screened in festivals all over the world and that are today the pearls of our own event...”.

The poster “Tuberías 3” (Pipes 3) has been chosen as the image of this year’s Zabaltegi section. Its author is the Bolivian graphic artist Marco Tóxico. Marco has exhibited and published in several countries and was selected as one of the top ten 10 illustrators at Ukraine’s COW International Design Festival in 2012. In 2014 his poster was selected as the official image of the Montreal International Film Festival in Canada.

“Given that Zabaltegi is a space dedicated to films with no formal or thematic limits, I thought the best idea would be a poster that highlighted a search, a search which is perhaps somewhat fated never to reach its final destination, but instead to learn and above all to enjoy all the variants along the way. That’s why I decided to use a person who has lost a shoe in a strange labyrinth of pipes. The audience who come along to this unclassifiable cinema has lost something and aims to find it inside the cinema”.

Lastly, for the section dedicated to cinema and gastronomy: Culinary Zinema, the chosen poster is "Marilyn" by the duo formed by Noemí Gómez Lobo from Asturias and Diego Martín Sánchez, from Salamanca, who have been working since 2012 on different projects that explore the hazy limits between art, architecture and design.
“Taking an interest in the point of view of the author, the filmmaker, the chef, the actor, and their transformation into an icon, we began with the idea of the enormously intense yet terribly short-lived experience of taking a bite, out of a film, or a kiss. Created with the cross-section of a strawberry and a drop of chocolate, our intention was to evoke the mole on Marilyn’s lip, turning the actual poster itself into a game. On the other hand, the intensity of the strawberry colour contrasts with a neutral background, like a mouthful of haute cuisine on a plate with no limits”.

The image of the 63rd is completed by another three posters:

In addition to the winners of the competition, the other posters lending their image to sections at this edition were also presented.

Savage Cinema
"C´est pas grave c´est la famille” stands for brotherhood and the ties that bind those who live with a passion for any sport or lifestyle. David Martelleur’s portrait, taken during the 62nd edition of San Sebastian Film Festival in 2014, expresses the closeness of those who share this passion. The iconic skater, whose film, DANGER DAVE, was selected at last year’s Savage Cinema, was photographed by Iker Basterretxea. Design by Federico Yankelevich.

And those of the retrospective sections, created by Roberto Cueto and Eurosíntesis:

Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack
New Japanese independent cinema 2000-2015

Also presented were the PROMOTIONAL CLIPS OF THE RETROSPECTIVES, created by Carlos Rodríguez at Morgan Creativos.

The Jury of the poster competition also decided to make a series of special mentions in the six categories of the competition:

Special mentions – Official
Colorful San Sebastián, by Manuel Bu Domínguez Totem, by Juan Carlos Galarza Aguirresarobe
Special mentions – New Directors
Dawn of the Directors, by Diego Martín Sánchez Pushovers, by Daukante Subaciute Cat, by Timea Koncz Anónimos, by David Óliver Téllez Rosado
Special mentions – Horizontes Latinos
Purolatino, by Iñigo Beldarrain Power Line, by Beatriz Galván de la Rosa El Azteca, by Matías Francolino Gracía and Blanka Barrio hl, by Seyed Abbas Mirqeisari
Special mentions – Pearls
Geometría Elemental, by Daniel Camino Lunares, by Javier Medina Suárez-Pumariega De profundis, by Eloísa Bielsa Gutiérrez Esferas, by Ángel Martínez Varela
Special mentions – Zabaltegi
Explosión poligonal, by Andoni Tebar Gaztambide Pájaro volando, by Maite Rosende Gutiérrez ZBTG_3, by TGA+Asociados La indígena, by Matías Francolino Gracía and Blanka Barrio
Special mentions – Culinary Zinema
Tuna_4, by TGA+Asociados Spaghetti Western, by Julia de Miguel Corten!, by Luis García Gimeno Cz, by Jessica + noa Nieves Vieira + gonzález


The Festival is possible thanks to the contributions and enthusiasm of many people and companies, including:

  • TVE, GAS NATURAL FENOSA and MOVISTAR TV, Official Festival Sponsors.
  • KUTXABANK, Official Collaborator and Sponsor of the Kutxa-New Directors Award.
  • AUDI, Official Collaborator and Official Vehicle.
  • IBERMEDIA PROGRAMME, for its collaboration with FILMS IN PROGRESS.
  • BASQUE CULINARY CENTER, co-organiser of the Culinary Zinema: Film and Gastronomy section.
  • CULINARY CINEMA of the Berlin Festival, collaborator with the Culinary Zinema: Cine y Gastronomía section.
  • TOKYO GOHAN FILM FESTIVAL, sponsor of the Culinary Zinema: Film and Gastronomy section.
  • RED BULL MEDIA HOUSE, co-organiser of the Savage Cinema section.
  • TABAKALERA-INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR CONTEMPORARY CULTURE, co-organiser of the International Film Students Meeting.
  • IRIZAR, Sponsor of the Zinemira section and the Irizar Basque Film Award.
  • TCM, Sponsor of the TCM Zinemaldia Meetings.
  • EL DIARIO VASCO, which will be present at the screenings in the Velodrome.
  • JAEGER-LeCOULTRE, Sponsor of the Festival opening party.
  • KELER, Official beer.
  • PERRIER JOUËT, Official Festival champagne.
  • EITB, Collaborator with the Zinemira section and with the Basque Film Gala.
  • IBAIA and EPE-APV, Collaborator with the Zinemira section.
  • FILMOTECA VALENCIANA, FILMOTECA VASCA, SAN TELMO MUSEUM and SAN SEBASTIAN EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2016, collaborators of the cycle, New Japanese Independent Cinema 2000-2015.
  • FILMOTECA ESPAÑOLA, collaborator with the Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack cycle.
  • SGAE FOUNDATION, Collaborator of Made in Spain.
  • ORONA FOUNDATION, Festival Sponsor.
  • NESPRESSO, Festival Sponsor.
  • We would also like to say thanks for their support to: GRUPO SADE, MAC, RAMIRO MATA, DISDIRA, KELONIK and DOREMI.
  • SAN SEBASTIAN EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE 2016, Festival collaborator.

And the members of the Board of Administrators of the Sociedad Anónima Festival de San Sebastián: Spanish Government Ministry of Culture, Basque Government Department of Culture, Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and San Sebastian City Council.

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