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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Monday, September 25th, 2017

The E.U.’s Creative Europe Media Program is taking on board the paramount importance of VOD delivery for European production, as was made clear by declarations of Media Program head Lucía Recalde at a San Sebastián Festival seminar, All 4 One.“It is good to have content available but more and more important to have the content more visibly shown on the platforms,” Recalde insisted.

Promoting European digital platform content is “possibly the most important topic we want to discuss with the industry in the context of the future discussion of the Me- dia Program,” she added, arguing that social media promotion could allow content creators to reach out to “young audiences” and “new communities.”

VOD platforms which promote European content are vital. In one of  three panel sessions at 4 For All, Muriel Joly at Under the Milky Way International reiterated that making the content available means very little if it is not marketed properly. According to Joly, “getting people to know the films are on the plat- form is the most important thing.

” Speaking on behalf of the VOD pla- yers, Sophie de Mac Mahon of Flix Olé stressed that the real challenge for the player is picking up new subs- cribers. Mac Mahon noted that “as a platform you want people to get to know you, and what better place to know you than on your own platform.”
Representing TAPE Consultancy at the forum was company ma- naging director John Peek, who dis- cussed ways in which the company quantifies what goes into making a successful series.
In a final session focusing on finan- cing, Pedro Martín at Spain’s Crea SGR, a bank guarantee scheme facilitating bridging loans for clients, revealed that much of its focus now turned on Operaciones de Asocia- ciones de Interés.Económico (AIEs), tax vehicles used ever more to finance films in Spain. Patricia Motilla, at Andersen Tax & Legal, pinpointed a positive evolution in tax rebate schemes in Spain whose ceiling for deductions, once 50% of a film’s production cost, is now rising to 60%. 

Lucía Recalde presentando la Jornada de Europa Creativa MEDIA: Mejor desarrollo, más financiación, mayor distribución.
Lucía Recalde presentando la Jornada de Europa Creativa MEDIA: Mejor desarrollo, más financiación, mayor distribución.

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