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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Al desierto / To the Desert
Horizontes Latinos
Ulises Rosell
Foto: Ulises Proust
'AL DESIERTO' (Horizontes Latinos)
Foto: Gorka Estrada
'AL DESIERTO' (Horizontes Latinos)
Foto: Gorka Estrada
Horizontes-eko Gosariak ''Al Desierto''
Horizontes-eko Gosariak ''Al Desierto''
Horizontes-eko Gosariak ''Al Desierto'' (es)
17m. 2s.
Horizontes-eko Gosariak ''Al Desierto'' (es)

Driven by the insecurity of her working situation, Julia, an employee at the Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina) casino, gives in to the temptations of Gwynfor, a laconic man of Welsh descent, who promises her an administrative job with the oil company he works for. By the time she realises her mistake they are already well into the desert as they set out on an arduous hike across the Patagonia plain. Hunting, sheltering in caves and abandoned buildings, with no way out in the middle of infinite distances, the difficult coexistence will change as the days pass. In a pickup truck, on horseback, guided by trackers, superintendent Hermes Prieto is hot on their heels, convinced of finding some kind of trace in the midst of the desert.


Ulises Rosell writes and directs both documentaries and fiction movies. After the short film Dónde y cómo Oliveira perdió a Achala, one of several in Historias breves (1995), he directed the feature film El Descanso (2001) with Andrés Tambornino and Rodrigo Moreno. In 2003 he directed the documentary Bonanza, returning to fiction in 2006 with Sofacama. Since 2007 he has written and directed fictional and documentary series for television including 9mm, Pequeños universos and Pueblos originarios. El etnógrafo (The Ethnographer, 2012), his latest documentary to date, received numerous awards in Argentina.

Ulises Rosell
Ulises Rosell
Wanka Cine
Ezequiel Borovinsky
Ajímolido Films
Alejandro Israel
Triciclo Films
Catalina Donoso
Julián Apezteguía
Alejandro Brodersohn
Eduard Artemiev, Merle Travis
Valentina Bassi, Jorge Sesán, José María Marcos, Germán De Silva, Gastón Salgado
Running Time
94 m.
Argentina - Chile
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