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65th San Sebastian Film Festival
22/30 September 2017 - #65ssiff

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Other activities
2018. 66th Edition
Other activities
Other activities

The Basque National Orchestra, the SGAE Foundation and the San Sebastian Festival will give a concert of film music. This year, once again, the first Saturday of the Festival, the Velodrome will open at noon for music lovers, film buffs and the general public in an event combining the symphony performance of soundtracks with scenes from the films they belong to. The orchestra composer and conductor from Bizkaia, Fernando Velázquez, will take the orchestra through its steps at this momentous coming together of films and their soundtracks. This year's Concert & screening, entitled "Paseo por el cine (A Walk through Film)," brings adaptations of music composed for around a dozen films. Half of the musical numbers to be performed were composed by Velázquez himself, as in the case of the soundtracks for the films Zip & Zap and the Captain's Island (by Oskar Santos), Gernika (by Koldo Serra), Marrowbone (by Sergio G. Sánchez), Setback (by Oriol Paulo) — composed with singer-songwriter Zahara — and A Monster Calls (by Juan Antonio Bayona). Completing the repertoire are adaptations of the music composed for another five films: Madness for Love (by Juan de Orduña), Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (by Enrique Gato and David Alonso), The Chosen (by Antonio Chavarrías), All Men are the Same (by Manuel Gómez Pereira) and Go!azen (by Jabier Elortegi and Aitor Aranguren). Juan Quintero, Zacarías M. de la Riva, Arnau Bataller, Bernardo Bonezzi and Álvaro Carmona were, respectively, the composers of these soundtracks.
Saturday 22 September, 12:00. In the Velodrome. Free admission. Invitations can be collected from 09:00 to 20:00 on September 15-21 either from the San Sebastian Festival information points in the Kursaal and Plaza Okendo, or from the Donostia Tourismoa Office, Monday-Saturday from 9:00 to 20:00, and Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00. The last available tickets can be collected from the Velodrome ticket desk from 10:00 on Saturday 22.

Animated Puppets

TOPIC temporary exhibition gallery / 10:00 - 13:00 / 16:00 - 19:00 weekdays, closed on Mondays 10:00 - 14:00 / 15:00 - 19:00 weekends and public holidays 2018/09/24 - 2019/02/28


Selection of audiovisual works made in 2017/2018 at the Larrotxene Cultural Centre.
Trueba Cinemas September 27, 20:30
Screenplay (Professor: Michel Gaztambide) 1. El regalo de Daniel (Valerie Quiroga) 2. Alde erantzia (Deiane Moreno) 3. De repente Fritz (Felipe Ugarte) 4. 12:00 Bikea (Egoitz Albizu) 5. Ongi Etorri (Cesare Maglioni) Directing (Professor: Pablo Malo) 6. El nuevo vecino (Suso Hernández) Documentaries (Professor: Oskar Tejedor) 7. Y... ¿por qué no? (Aberto Azkona) Co-productions 9. Supervivere (Paco Arasanz) 10. 1:33:10 (Juanmi Cuesta)

Black is Beltza

The "Black is Beltza" exhibition proposes a trip to places and countries through the adventures of the protagonist of the graphic novel "Black is Beltza", Manex Unanue. The starting point is the parade of giant figures from Pamplona along New York's 5th Avenue in 1965. "Black is Beltza", an exhibition project by Fermin Muguruza about the graphic novel of the same name, created with the writer Harkaitz Cano and the illustrator Jorge Alderete, arrives at the San Telmo Laboratory with the contents used for the animated film to have its premiere at the San Sebastian Festival. The exhibition includes the material which has, directly and indirectly, fed the different phases of the "Black is Beltza" project. From the press archives which helped structure the story to the original drawings for the animated film, as well as audiovisual materials giving a glimpse of the socio-political and cultural atmosphere of the time.
From 15 June to 30 September 2018. Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-20-00. San Telmo Museum Laboratory. Admission free.

Eloy de la Iglesia. That Obscure Object of Desire

This exhibition in the Artegunea gallery is the first complete show to include all of his films, his television and theatre collaborations. Narrated chronologically, the exhibition ‘Eloy de la Iglesia. That Obscure Object of Desire’ becomes an accurate X-ray of more than four decades of our history. We could say that he lived, loved and made cinema like few others: sensually, with truth and even madness. Hated and admired in equal measure, his approaches never left anybody indifferent. After having disappeared from sight for ten years, Eloy proudly announced that he could find no other reason to live than to continue making films. The exhibition is curated by the photographer Pedro Usabiaga (San Sebastian, 1959), with a recognised background in film photography, including press campaigns and special sessions for a good number of films, or editions of books about the cinema. He has developed intense work as a curator of photography and painting exhibitions. The exhibition chronologically traces Eloy de la Iglesia’s professional career, including his works for theatre and television, and looks at his complete filmography thanks to some 150 photographs accompanied by the synopsis of each film.
Tabakalera July 20-November 4 June to September Tuesday-Friday: 11:30-13:30 and 17:00-21:00. Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 11:30-21:00. Open on Monday during the week of the Film Festival. The rest of the year, from Tuesday to Sunday, 11:30-13:30 and 17:00-21:00.

Signature of the Letter for Equality and Inclusion in film

The San Sebastian Festival, like the Cannes, Locarno and Venice festivals, will sign the Charter on Gender Parity and Inclusion in Film in the framework of its 66th edition. The signature will take place on Sunday 23 at the Festival’s press conference room, in the Kursaal, at 12:00 noon. With this signature, the Festival assumes the commitment to generate statistics, especially about the selected films, in order to obtain reliable data; to act transparently in regard to the members of the selection committees and programmers; to establish a calendar for transformation of the Festival’s executive bodies in order to achieve parity; and to issue a yearly communication on the progress made.
LETTER FOR THE EQUALITY AND INCLUSION OF WOMEN IN FILM Responding to the initiative publicly presented at the last edition of the Cannes Festival, CIMA (Association of Women in Film and Audiovisual Media) promotes in the framework of the San Sebastian Festival’s 66th edition the signature of a Letter for the Equality and Inclusion of women in film. With this signature, the San Sebastian Festival assumes the commitment to: • Compile statistics broken down by gender; both those referring to the number of films received for selection, and those chosen and programmed, in order to obtain reliable and real data on the presence of projects headed by women. • Publish the list of the members of the selection and programming committees. • Establish a calendar of changes in the Festival’s executive bodies with a view to achieving equality in the actual period of mandate of said bodies. • Issue an annual release on the progress made.

The Eighth Dimension

On Thursday, September 27, the San Sebastian Festival will host the presentation of the short film “La octava dimension” (The Eighth Dimension), produced by Audi and written and directed by Kike Maíllo (“Eva”, “Toro”). The piece stars Najwa Nimri (“Open Your Eyes”, “Lovers of the Artic Circle”, “Sex and Lucia”, “Vis a vis”), Alberto Ammann (“Cell 211”, “Narcos”), Javier Pereira (“8 citas”, “Stockholm”, “May God Save Us”) and the new Audi Q8. The thriller was shot during the month of July in different locations in Barcelona and Huesca. With this production, Audi aims to reaffirm and take another step forward in its firm commitment to the cinema of our country. A commitment which takes shape in its backing of Film Festivals (San Sebastian International Film Festival, Malaga Film Festival, Atlantida Film Festival, BCN Film Festival), film productions (“Stockholm”, “Requirements To Be a Normal Person”, “Toro”, “Tu hijo”) and TV productions (“Sé quién eres”, “La zona”... among others). Furthermore, the brand of four rings regularly collaborates with the Spanish Academy of Cinematic Arts and Sciences. Furthermore, for the last five editions, Audi has organised at the San Sebastian International Film Festival its “Audi Think Tank on Cinema and Innovation”, an interesting meeting which unites recognised names from the seventh art in our country (screenwriters, artist, directors, producers, distributors...) in order to debate and reflect on the present and future of our cinema. This time, Audi launches its own production with a short film in which we will also see the new Audi Q8 as the protagonist of one of the main scenes in the action. The poster is designed by Iñaki Villuendas, an illustrator who won the Best Poster prize at the Feroz 2018 Awards with his work for “Handia” (Giant). Furthermore, the graphic designer is one of the best known poster artists of Spanish cinema; notable among his works are the designs for “The Impossible”, “Fury of a Patient Man”, “Veronica”, “Oro”, Colossal” or “Sara’s Notebook”, among others.
Synopsis A successful mystery novel writer, Olga Calderón, gives a masterclass on the dimensions which lend shape to a tale. The writer uses as illustration a story for which an alter ego is created. The story revolves around a tragical occurrence: a car accident. As Olga reveals the different dimensions of the fiction, she will also disclose the unknown factors of a tale which will completely fascinate her students. A tale built around the 8 faces of the truth.
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