72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Official Selection
Official Selection
Manolo Pavón
© Manolo Pavón
Pedro Martín-Calero
Spain - Argentina - France 
107 min.
Something’s stalking Andrea, but nobody, not even herself, can actually see it. Twenty years ago, 10,000 kilometres away, the same presence terrorised Marie. Camila was the only person capable of understanding what was happening, but nobody believed them. Taking a stand against the oppressive threat, all three women hear the same horrific sound. Wailing.
Opening Film (In competition)
Audrey Diwan
107 min.
Emmanuelle is in search of a lost pleasure. She flies alone to Hong Kong on a business trip. In this sensual global city, where she initiates numerous encounters, she meets Kei, a man who constantly eludes her.
Paula Ortiz
USA - Spain 
114 min.
Hildegart is conceived and raised by her mother Aurora to be the woman of the future, making her one of the most brilliant minds of 30’s Spain as well as a reference on female sexuality. At the age of 18, Hildegart meets Abel Vilella, who will help her to explore a new emotional world and extricate herself from the grip of the maternal nest, while Aurora is afraid of losing control over her daughter. Things come to a head between the two women one summer night in 1933, putting an end to the 'Hildegart Project'.  
Special Screenings Not in competition
Pilar Palomero
101 min.
Isabel’s life turns on its head the day her daughter Madalen asks her to make regular visits to the ailing Ramón. Fifteen years after leaving her ex-husband, a man she sees as a stranger despite having been married to him for years, Isabel experiences renewed feelings of the resentment she thought she had left behind. But accompanying Ramón at his most vulnerable moment will make her see what happened to them with fresh eyes and enable her to concentrate on her own life as it stands today.   
Alauda Ruiz de Azúa
220 min. Series
After 30 years of marriage and two children, Miren leaves the family home and reports her husband for continued rape. This serious accusation forces the children to choose between believing their mother or supporting a father who claims his innocence. A family odyssey running parallel to a legal process with the same goal: to discover the truth. 
Not in competition
Iciar Bollain
100 min.
In the year 2000, Nevenka Fernández, the Finance Councillor of Ponferrada Town Council, is relentlessly hounded by the mayor, a man used to getting his way both politically and personally. Nevenka decides to report him, knowing that it will cost her dearly. A story based on true events turning its lead character into a forerunner of the #metoo movement due to being the first person to take an influential politician to court for sexual and labour harassment.
Albert Serra
Spain - France - Portugal 
125 min.
The life of the bullfighter Andrés Roca Rey during a day of bullfighting, from the moment he dresses up to the moment he undresses.
Javier Giner, Elena Trapé
240 min. Series
I, addict tells how Javier Giner, an audiovisual professional, at the age of 30 decides of his own free will to enter a rehab centre. In the depths of his darkness, a desperate instinct to survive will push him to seek professional help. Without knowing it, this gesture will change his life and turn him into a new person.
Special Screenings Not in competition
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