72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Zabaltegi Special Screenings
Zabaltegi Special Screenings
José Luis López-Linares , Arantxa Aguirre
82 min.
The general idea of the acting profession is in fact very far removed from the truth. Thirty-six Spanish actors reflect on their work and compare their experiences. The underlying theme is the comparison between the voices of the veterans and the images of young drama students, for whom anything can still happen.
Arkaitz Basterra
81 min.
In March 2003, a Basque poet and four friends -three musicians and an artist- went to New York City, almost by chance, for a few poetry evenings with music. The seven hundred thousand Basque speakers in the world today ?can fit into a New York neighbourhood?, says the poet Kirmen Uribe in Agian. ?So what does a community that fits into a neighbourhood have to offer the world or the city that?s the center of the world?? What the five discovered surprised them and, as a distillation of their reactions, half a year later they brought out Zaharregia, txikiegia agian/Too Old, Too Small, Maybe: the Basque language with a New York freedom of speech. Agian is a ping-pong contemplation, in which music, poetry and painting show the five histories behind the whole, the result of which spectators will have to discover for themselves.
Raúl de la Fuente Zuzendarikideak / Co-directors / Codirectores: Pablo Iraburu, Harkaitz Martínez de San Vicente, Igor Otxoa
90 min.
The Txalaparta is a unique musical instrument. Although played by two people, the music emerging from the encounter belongs to neither of them, but to the fact of having met and exchanged dialogue. Nömadak Tx shows the desire of two musicians to convert the Txalaparta into a meeting point, not only between two beings, but between cultures. This quest drove our protagonists to travel to remote places in search of sounds and voices. They lived with the Adivasis - Indian outcasts - with the Samis in Lapland, with the inhabitants of the Mongolian Steppes and with the Saharauis. Each encounter is unique; a source of surprises and extraordinary experiences.
Eterio Ortega
80 min.
On 1st January 1936 general elections are called in Spain. It?s the second time women can vote. The election campaign shows an obvious difference between right and left-wing passions. On 1st February, 72% of the population votes. The Popular Front narrowly wins, causing a rapid decline in relations between the right and left-wings from words to actions. Soon set in motion is the military conspiracy led by General Mola, who achieves the collaboration of high-ranking officials moved to the outlying areas by Spanish Government, including Franco. Calvo Sotelo and Lieutenant Castillo are assassinated. The ?Dragon Rapide? flies from London to collect Franco. The North African troops rebel. Nothing can stop the approaching war.
Fernando Méndez-Leite
88 min.
A conspirator? A man with his own ideas determined to carry them through? An arm wrestler? The greatest mocker of censorship under Franco? Someone determined to change the world by putting a mirror in front of it? A schemer? The most important name in the history of Spanish cinema?... For some he is the perfect producer, responsible for the existence of many excellent films, a discoverer of directors lilke Erice, Saura, Chávarri, Gutiérrez Aragón, Armendáriz, Ricardo Franco, Martínez Lázaro, Gracia Querejeta, Fernando León.... For others, he is the instigator of some of our cinema?s most passionate controversies. Elías Querejeta, a personal point of view, a different kind of cinema.
Luis Alegre, David Trueba
85 min.
Fernando Fernán-Gómez was born on 18th August 1921 in Lima (Peru) while his mother, the actress Carola Fernán-Gómez, was on tour with the theatre company María Guerrero-Fernando Díaz de Mendoza. Anyone can appreciate his decisive contributions as a film actor, writer and director. But only a few are lucky enough to discover the extent to which Fernando, sitting on a chair, is capable of making a chat into something more than a chat. This film aspires to make these lucky few somewhat greater in number.
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