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Our Newsflashes provide daily updates on the media repercussion enjoyed by the films selected for the different Festival sections and the list of professional activities scheduled for the following day. Newsflashes are sent out to all industry professionals accredited.


This British film has added a splash of colour to an Official Selection which is turning greyer by the day (…) with its provocative narrative and mise en scène (…) fires poisoned arrows at the employment sector, at consumerism and at personal relationshipsGontzal Agote, BERRIA

As unusual as it is alluring—perfect for those who let themselves be carried along by its refined extravagance and ingenious sense of humour, not to mention horrorRicardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

For the time being the most depraved and bizarre film up for this year’s Golden Shell, and the best so farNando Salvá, EL PERIÓDICO

In Fabric—two hours of film bordering on a masterpiece. A new and extravagant work which has thrown its hat in the ring for the Golden Shell. BrilliantVictor Esquirol, GARA

Peter Strickland fashions a slyly hilarious Italian horror homagePeter Debruge, VARIETY

The boldest, most radical and—dare we say it—modern entry that there has and will probably be in the entire Official SelectionGontzal Agote, BERRIA

The imaginative wardrobe, photography and lighting are sumptuous, as are the rich orchestral arrangements (…) a miracle of vital and artistic creationRicardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

The director has pieced together a very daring work which will be just as interesting and fascinating 50 years from nowHarkaitz Cano, EL DIARIO VASCO

Borders the South with works such as Carlos Saura’s Sevillanas, and the North with (…) Pina from Wim WendersJuan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

Romantic passion, jealous anxiety, murderous obsession et al are presented with a kind of matter-of-fact sang froidJonathan Romney, SCREENDAILY

"A melodrama of the most refined nature (…) there’s nothing more provocative than this in the times of the ‘influencers’” Ricardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

A lesson in fresh, original and personal—yet classic—cinemaJuan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

“Angelo confirms that this Viennese director, just like Stefan Zweig, has an exquisite eye for mise en scène” Juan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

Exquisite forms, the film takes its time as is fitting with the atmosphere inside a sheltered palaceRicardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

Beautiful cameraworkVíctor Esquirol, GARA

The Realm consolidates de la Torre’s reputation as an actor whose presence is practically a quality control stamp on any project Jonathan Holland, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Rodrigo Sorogoyen has come up with a forceful and adrenaline-charged thrillerDavid González, CINEUROPA

This grenade could go off at any moment, splattering the audience itself as it watches its own wretchedness elegantly played out on-screen, staged with concision and beautyAlfonso Rivera, CINEUROPA

A film worthy of applauseGontzal Agote, BERRIA

A typically thoughtful, ambitious storytelling exercise from Spanish helmer Iciar BollainGuy Lodge, VARIETY

Pure Cuerda style and the pull of a huge list of actorsRicardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

Carefully staged and dramatically filmedJonathan Holland, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

The images brilliantly project the solitary human environment (…) a highly interesting look at the new Basque Country ahead of us, from the viewpoint of all social sciencesUrtzi Urkizu, BERRIA

Hugely successful in restoring Bisquert’s powerful presenceKoldo Landaluze, GARA

This debut from former actress Lila Avilés marks her out as a name to watch" Jonathan Romney, SCREENDAILY

Her sometimes shocking drama should help establish her as an audacious, idiosyncratic force (…) Cast members throw themselves physically into the rigours of a demanding milieuJonathan Romney, SCREENDAILY

Meshchaninova brings us a raw and exciting film that almost approaches magical realismVassilis Economou, CINEUROPA

Film buffs can add a name to the list of directors with a future ahead of themF. García, LA VANGUARDIA

“The lovingly-crafted script and highly identifiable situations result in a pleasant and intimate film (…) a story with substance, full of simple day-to-day moments for sure, though with a lot to sayUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

Shot and shaped with brisk clarityGuy Lodge, VARIETY

Received by an audience at once committed and astonished (…) Ferrugem is brave, worthy and convincingBegoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

Ana Katz keeps the mood appealingly low-keyGuy Lodge, VARIETY

Artful sophomore film brings a supernatural twist to a study of refugee crisisGuy Lodge, VARIETY

Visually monumental, the unique La casa lobo evokes children’s stories and nightmarish settingsMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

He has created a story arranged like a collage (…) ProvocativeUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

A beautiful and interesting offeringMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Brilliantly executed over four acts that flirt with thriller, westerns that hark back to those from Leone, drama and ancient timesKoldo Landaluze, GARA

A south-of-the-border drug epic like you've never seen beforePeter Debruge, VARIETY

Leto’s freshness comes from its narrative style (…) Fun, brazen, to be enjoyedUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

A daring black and white feature that two out of three times attacks full force Mikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

With a powerful visual discourse, Leto distances itself from the usual canons of the biopicKoldo Landaluze, GARA

The Belgian has directed Girl with maturity and elegance (…) it is subtle, sweet, like a dance, but also raw to match the themes it addresses. What really appeals is that the film has no educational pretentions (…) A moving and tough film. ElectrifyingUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

A new vision of a transgender person. And the discovery of Victor PolsterMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Moves along at a carefully-crafted paceUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

Conveys the sense of claustrophobia and strain to great effectFernando García, LA VANGUARDIA

Every image — every emotion — is perfectly set in placeOwen Gleiberman, VARIETY

A promising debut, (…) a special pieceMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Perfectly measured and scripted theatre (…) but without losing the truth of the documentaryMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

And has the allure of the formidable actress Judi Dench, that wonderfully expressive little old ladyCarlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

“The beauty of the Norwood story is that it shows how spies are usually (…) ordinary citizens who could easily be your neighbour Kaleem Aftab, CINEUROPA

The romantic plot, the spy intrigue and the ‘beautiful’ staging are the narrative elements from the past, and the moral and political discourse around the ‘balance of forces’ and its place in achieving peace in the last half of the century (better to distribute the bombs than risk a monopoly) are the trump cards of the present-day storyOti Rodriguez Marchante, ABC


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