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Our Newsflashes provide daily updates on the media repercussion enjoyed by the films selected for the different Festival sections and the list of professional activities scheduled for the following day. Newsflashes are sent out to all industry professionals accredited.


“The interesting thing about this piece (is) how serious the director is about ensuring the documental and fictional aspects consume one another (…) to bring meaning to the fiction, and that touch of ‘freshness’ that lets the characters talk, converse and be themselves to bring meaning to the documentaryOti Rodriguez Marchante, ABC

Isaki Lacuesta is back with a magnificent film which blurs all lines between fiction and documentary. He has painted a bitter and realistic picture of SpainGontzal Agote, BERRIA

As authentic as the most to-the-point and spontaneous documentary and with the narrative vigour of a director who is absolutely aware of everything that’s emerging before the cameraRicardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

Lacuesta’s purity of perspective matches the exquisite camerawork which, above all, is in tune with the object being studiedVictor Esquirol, GARA

Denis’s excessively fanciful yet attractive narrative structure is unsettling and leaves some intriguing questions hangingRicardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

A breath of fresh air in the genreVictor Esquirol, GARA

There are parts that get bogged down in pitiful ideas and scenes of unquestionable beautyJuan Zapater, NOTICIAS DE GIPUZKOA

In its sheer weirdness and departure from anything else in the cinematic universe, this film is bound to charmAlfonso Rivera, CINEUROPA

What in Ruiz’s hands would in presumably have been awash with stylistic flourishes and oscillations in time (and pace) is bathed in a cool theatrical clarity in Sarmiento’sDavid González, CINEUROPA

The formidable Girl (…) is pure physicality. A work about the body, from the bodyJavier Ocaña, EL PAÍS

The outcome is so subtle of the type that only the French do well, loyal as they are to the theme of infidelityHarkaitz Cano, EL DIARIO VASCO

The complacency and corruption of pre-coup Argentina is laid bare in chilling, absurd style in Benjamin Naishtat's superb third featureJessica Kiang, VARIETY

He returns to the festival with this stylishly mounted follow-up (…) The film’s prime assets are terrific performances from leads Nimri and Eva LlorachJonathan Romney, SCREEN DAILY

These moments dedicated to music and dance profit from the advice of choreographer María Rovira, and they are by far the most spectacular, moving and genuine scenesAlfonso Rivera, CINEUROPA

Brillante Mendoza's seamily atmospheric drug-trade thriller covers familiar ground, but does so with a potent, purposeful strideGuy Lodge, VARIETY

Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s third feature-length film is prizeworthyM.I., GARA

Demonstrates that we, too, are witness to one of the most beautiful love stories of this 66th festivalBegoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

Argentine drama “The Snatch Thief” is a nicely plotted, unpretentious filmJay Weissberg, VARIETY

La casa lobo from Chilean directors Cristobal León and Joaquin Cociña is great cinemaMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

The film will be a tool for generating crucial debate. That’s no small thingUxue Arzelus, BERRIA

One of the most powerful pieces of the FestivalHarkaitz Cano, EL DIARIO VASCO

The story’s depiction of the world of dreams creates opportunities for humour without ruining the realistic feel of what is, without a doubt, Veiroj’s most existentialist filmCarlota Moseguí, CINEUROPA

A resonating melodramatic thriller which is executed to perfection. It will unsettle many in the audience with its disarming and defiant frivolityKoldo Landaluze, GARA

Intriguing characters and superb performances could make 'Petra' the director’s most popular film to dateJay Weissberg, VARIETY

Roma will be described as a visual marvel, and it isMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Jia Zhangke’s gangster epic is a twisting tale of love and survival in 21st-century ChinaMaggie Lee, VARIETY

Zhao Tao. One of those personalities who floods the screen. Brilliant, fun and youthfulMikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

It has adventure, it has humour, and it reflects on life, happiness and freedom (…) I can’t think of a more appropriate pair of actors for this fraternal journey Uxue Arzelus, BERRIA

A monumental work from twelve film makersBegoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

A perfectly calibrated drama boasting exquisite attention to detail that reveals itself in the elegant visuals as much as the astonishing performancesJay Weissberg, VARIETY

High-end scripted content derives from high-quality scripts and creative freedomEmiliano Granada, VARIETY


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