72SSIFF - 20/28 September 2024
Made in Spain
Made in Spain
Gerardo Olivares
95 min.
14 kilometres is the distance separating Africa from Europe, but it is also the barrier standing between the dreams of millions of Africans who see the West as their only way of escape from starvation and misery. Accompanying three young Africans, Violeta, Buba and Mukela, we set out on a long and dangerous odyssey across the Sahara Desert to discover the side that we never see in the media. The repeated TV images of cayuco boats full of immigrants arriving to the coast of the Canary Islands have made us insensitive to a drama of which we only know the tip of the iceberg. These images of exhausted faces clearly demonstrate the harshness of the voyage, a voyage originating thousands of miles away and which can take years to complete.
F. Javier Gutiérrez
93 min.
A gigantic meteorite is hurtling towards Earth: it?s the End of the World. Desperation, chaos and death invade the planet. In the small town of Laguna, Ale decides to spend his final days on a drunken binge; but events force him to change his plans. Prisoners are escaping from the jails and one of them is on his way to Laguna for bloody revenge. No-one will try to stop him, except Rosa, Ale?s mother, who won?t give in: her son is set to experience an unforgettable End of the World.
Dany Saadia
104 min.
And if everything in life happened purely by chance? And if we can?t escape fate? This film asks these questions and many more. 3:19 is a tale of friendship, love and humour. An original game created to meet attractive women leads to the intervention of chance... or of fate.
Daniel V. Villamediana
63 min.
A young man fascinated by the world of bullfighting has cut himself off from the world out in the countryside trying to give some shape to his obsession: interior bullfighting, bullfighting without a bull. A spiritual path based exclusively on technique as an end in itself. This is why, after a training period, he will begin to build a space of his own where he can stage his great performance.
Albert Serra
98 min.
The 3 Wise Kings set out in search of the newly born Messiah.
Álex de la Iglesia
110 min.
An old lady is found murdered in the lounge of her suburban Oxford flat. Her body is discovered by two men meeting for the first time at that moment: Arthur Seldom, a prestigious lecturer of Logic, and Martin, a young American student who has recently come to the university wanting the famous professor to be his thesis director. The old lady?s death is only the first in a series of murders with disturbing common aspects. The crimes are almost impossible to detect and could even appear to be natural deaths if it wasn?t for the fact that each one is accompanied with a message: an image, a different symbol on each occasion which, death by death, gives shape to a sequence based on a logic that the heroes must decipher. Following this path will test not only their mathematical convictions but the very way in which the lecturer and student understand the world. Will we discover the real story? Is it possible to find the truth?
José Manuel González-Berbel
100 min.
The late 60s. The Extremadura Psychiatric Hospital, which indiscriminately houses the sick, drunk and homeless, succumbs to the methods and negligence of its director. Burgos is more interested in satisfying the authorities than tending to the needs of those in his care. But the admission of Mateo, an idealistic globetrotter closer to genius than madness, brings a complete about-turn in routine at the centre.
Lilian Rosado, Pedro Pérez Rosado
Spain-Puerto Rico 
93 min.
Desperate to be like La Lupe, Yolanda wants to be a singer at any price. She?ll do whatever it takes, nothing and nobody will get in her way. And if to get what she wants she has to go against her father?s wishes, all the better; she?d do anything not to stay in her village being just another woman, of the kind that gets married, puts on weight, and gives birth to children one after the other.
Roser Aguilar
86 min.
When she was little, Raquel couldn?t understand why everyone was always talking about love: on the radio at home, on TV, in Saturday afternoon films and, above all, in songs. She wondered what would happen if she never found anyone to love her. Now Raquel is going to live with Tomás. She?ll have to consider how far she?s prepared to go for love as she discovers the endearing and more complicated aspects of truly caring for someone.
Irene Cardona
92 min.
Lola loves weddings, even if her own marriage is on the verge of breakdown and she suspects that Jorge, her husband, has fallen in love with Yasmina. Yasmina is desperate to marry Javi, a local cop who prefers to do things in his own time. Alfredo doesn?t believe in marriage, but would be willing to take the plunge for friendship or money. Un novio para Yasmina is a summer fable about convenience marriages, social commitment and life as a couple.
Juan Antonio Bayona
97 min.
Laura returns with her family to the orphanage in which she grew up with dreams of opening a home for disabled children. Young Simon, her son, starts playing strange games that soon have her extremely worried as they progress from simple diversion to become a threat. A series of unexpected events oblige Laura to delve into the dramatic past of the house that was her home as a child.
Pere Vilà
103 min.
Like a confused Ulysses, Marc doesn?t know how to go about tackling his life on completing his university degree. Apathy and frustration push him to accept a strange job in the tourist seaside town in which his grandmother lives. The relationship that grows between the two and her sudden death makes Marc aware of his own decisions. An intimate portrayal of the road to adulthood.
Ignacio Vilar
100 min.
Raquel, Martiño and Armando are three friends on the threshold of adulthood. The summer seems to be like all others, with parties and evenings by the river... but this time nothing will be like before. Martiño and Armando's newfound desire for Raquel and the possible sale to Armando's father's mining company of Pradolongo, a mountain pasture owned by Martiño's family, will lead the three friends to reconsider their dreams and the bonds that have held them together since childhood.
Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza
85 min.
A female reporter and her cameraman are filming a team of firemen with the intention of portraying their profession, their way of life and their most dangerous situations. But, while accompanying them on a night-time call-out, what at first looked like a routine rescue operation turns into complete and utter hell. Trapped inside a building, the two firemen and the TV team have to confront an unknown, deadly horror. Something sinister and evil is spreading without control. Unexpectedly, the rules have changed. Now, the only thing that matters is to hide, survive, desperately try to escape. Beat fear before fear beats us. And continue shooting. No matter what happens. Right up to the very last moment.
Rodrigo Plá
97 min.
Teenager Alejandro lives in an enclosed, self-sufficient residential area protected by private security guards. Obliged by growing delinquency, the fear of violence and lack of law and order, his family and the other residents have moved there as a haven of peace. One night, three intruders break into a house in the early hours of the morning. In the ensuing attack an old woman is killed and two of the thieves shot dead. The inhabitants of La Zona decide to take the law into their own hands.
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