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TCM Youth Award



TCM Youth Award

The Youth Jury consists of around 150 youngsters from 18-25 years of age.

Participation in the Jury is therefore voluntary and implies the compromise of viewing all of the movies screened opting for the TCM Youth Award. Therefore, members of the Jury must watch a daily average of three films. Students have to commit themselves to attend all the films which compete for the Youth Award, which are the films in New Directors sections and the first and second films participating in Horizontes Latinos section.

The decision to sit on this Youth Jury is voluntary and implies accepting the commitment to attend the screening of all films competing for the award. The Jury members cast several votes a day to choose the winner of the Youth Award. The competition is open to films in the New Directors section, and to first and second works participating in the Horizontes Latinos section. Sitting on the Jury means viewing an average of 3 films a day.

The results of the poll are announced daily on the Official Site, the Festival Diary and at the screen placed in the Kursaal hall.

The young people will also participate in the presentation of the award. The corresponding plaque is presented at the Youth Closing Gala in the Kursaal Centre prior to screening of the winning title.

For further information, all those interested in participating can call us on: (00 34) 943 48 12 12, or write to us at:


FAQ - Awards and Jury Members

Youth Jury

When does registration open for the Youth Jury?

Registration to participate in the Youth Jury opens on 1 June 2022. The registration process will be online, by completing a form and attaching a motivation letter.

What are the requirements for sitting on the Youth Jury?
  • Being between 18 and 25 years of age.
  • Being completely available from 15-24 September 2022.
  • Attaching a motivation letter to the registration form.
  • Completing said form.
  • Accepting the terms and conditions of participation.

What does sitting on the Youth Jury involve?
Sitting on the Youth Jury is voluntary and involves the commitment to attend the screening of all of the films competing for the Youth Award. The Jury members cast several votes every day to choose the winning film of the Youth Award. Candidates for the award are films in the New Directors section, and the first and second works participating in the Horizontes Latinos section. This implies an average of three films a day.

What are the obligations of the Youth Jury?
To attend all screenings programmed for the members of the Youth Jury; to watch the film and cast your vote using the slip of paper distributed before each screening.

Where are the films screened?
The films are screened in the Kursaal auditorium. (Avda de la Zurriola s/n, 20002, Donostia). The Kursaal is the Festival hub and all of the Youth Jury screenings take place in the Kursaal 2 (The smaller of the two ‘cubes’).

Access using the Youth Jury pass.
Your pass gives you free access to the other film showings, provided that they do not coincide with the mandatory sessions programmed for the Youth Jury and depending on available seating in the cinema. The Youth Jury pass is not valid for access to the Velodrome, the Opening, Closing and Donostia Award galas, or to the Festival facilities.

The Festival does not pay for the accommodation or transport costs of the Jury members. It does however issue subsistence vouchers.

Certificate of participation.
The Festival will issue a certificate of participation to the Youth Jury members provided that they have duly attended all of the films.

Youth Award
2022. 70th Edition
2021. 69th Edition
Fran Kranz (USA)
2020. 68th Edition
Ben Sharrock (UK)
2019. 67th Edition
Las buenas intenciones
Ana García Blaya (Argentina)
2018. 66th Edition
Viaje al cuarto de una madre
Celia Rico Clavellino (Spain - France)
2017. 65th Edition
Matar a Jesús
Laura Mora (Colombia - Argentina)
2016. 64th Edition
Bar Bahar / In Between
Maysaloun Hamoud (Israel - France)
2015. 63rd Edition
Santiago Mitre (Argentina - Brazil - France)
2014. 62nd Edition
Alonso Ruizpalacios (Mexico)
2013. 61st Edition
Jim Taihuttu (Netherlands)
2012. 60th Edition
2011. 59th Edition
Wild Bill
Dexter Fletcher (UK)
2010. 58th Edition
Diego Luna (Mexico)
2009. 57th Edition
Min dît / The Children of Diyarbakir
Miraz Bezar (Turkey-Germany)
2007. 55th Edition
Nadine Labaki (Lebanon - France)
2006. 54th Edition
2005. 53rd Edition
Aupa Etxebeste!
Asier Altuna, Telmo Esnal (Spain)
2004. 52nd Edition
In My Father’s Den
Brad McGann (New Zealand)
2003. 51st Edition
Achero Mañas (Espainia)
2002. 50th Edition
Real Women Have Curves
Patricia Cardoso (USA)
2001. 49th Edition
Peter Naess (Norway)
2000. 48th Edition
Junji Sakamoto (Japan)
1999. 47th Edition
Agnes Browne
Anjelica Huston (USA - Ireland)

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