71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
Made in Spain
Made in Spain
Opening Film
Joan-Marc Zapata
Spain - Switzerland 
89 min.
Filmstar Olivia Brontë travels to Switzerland for a photo shoot with an important fashion magazine. There she will run into Tristán del Val, a Spanish philosopher she had known years back. This reunion will prompt them to revisit the past and ask themselves where their chosen path is taking them.
Closing Film
Carlota González-Adrio
88 min.
Emilio and Rosa have created a perfect family. In the 70s, in a deserted area of the Canary Islands, they have built a home full of love for their five daughters, all named after flowers: Lis (Lily), Iris, Melisa, Lila (Lilac) and Dalia (Dahlia). Here, isolated from civilisation and from a life they left behind in their country, they enjoy their personal paradise, cut off from the world. A world that represents a threat which, if it interferes with their family, could finish it forever. Emilio and Rosa know, they are the only ones aware of the danger, that's why they have spent their whole lives keeping a terrible secret from their daughters.
Carla Simón
Spain - Italy 
120 min.
After eighty years working the same land, the Solé family gathers to reap their last harvest.
Rodrigo Cortés
95 min.
January 1942. 400,000 Jews from all over Poland have been confined by the Nazis to a narrow ghetto in the middle of the city. Outside the walls, life continues. Inside, its inhabitants fight for survival. But the high brick wall can't stop the creative endeavours of a group of Jewish actors who put on a musical comedy at the Fémina theatre one frozen winter night. The spectators laugh and cry at a love story, forgetting their difficult situation for a moment. Behind the scenes, the possibility of making their escape after the performance throws the actors into a dilemma of life or death.
Roberto Sastre
© Roberto Sastre
Juan Zavala, Javier Morales
80 min.
Carlos Boyero is one of Spanish cinema's most followed and feared figures. Controversy has hounded him since he published his first article more than forty years ago, and he has remained in the eye of the hurricane ever since. Is he the last representative of a disappearing time? Has social media put an end to the traditional influence of the critics. Taking the background and personality of this very controversial figure as its basis, El crítico / The Critic will also endeavour to reflect on the enormous changes taking place in Spain in the field of film criticism.
Unai Canela
71 min.
Unai is a teenager during lockdown for the pandemic in a small village in the Pyrenees. For more than a year, he intensely enjoys the passing of the seasons and the emotion of feeling connected to the nature closest to him and, often, the most ignored.
Zaida Carmona
89 min.
They're 30, but they live as though they were 20, even if they are too old to become young promises. They are enamoured with love, but destroy one another while looking for it, roving from ex-girlfriend to ex-girlfriend, from relationship to relationship. With pop and autofiction as its backdrop and the appearance of a famous woman singer who we're never sure is completely real, we will watch a game that kicks off when Zaida returns to the city after a breakup. La amiga de mi amiga is a screwball comedy involving 5 gay women. A moral tale set in the streets, beds and toilets of Barcelona.
Juan Miguel del Castillo
Spain - Argentina 
103 min.
Inspector Manuel Bianquetti is forced to accept a transfer to a police precinct in Cádiz. His initially peaceful move will soon be shattered with the discovery of the body of a young girl who reminds him of a terrible past. Despite the opposition of his superiors, Bianquetti will embark on a solo crusade to find the culprit, following clues that might be no more than figments of his imagination. The only person who seems to be on his side is his neighbour, a fragile nurse harassed by her former partner.
Roberto Bueso
109 min.
Marina, a rather unsual nun, arrives in the summer of 1994 at El Parral, a school threatened with closure. Despite being welcomed with all sorts of pranks by the boarders, boys with no families, Marina has an idea that will change everything: to set up a football team. With the help of two nuns, Angelines, innocent and fragile, and Tatiana, rough and kind, they will create something like a real family. Years later, Valdo, one of the boys, will make his debut with Real Madrid's first team.
Adrián Silvestre
98 min.
Raphi is young, androgynous and somewhat naive. She writes poems and dreams of falling in love with a prince charming. She moves from her native France to Barcelona, where reality has little in common with her expectations. Diagnosed with gender dysphoria, she sets out on an arduous odyssey to assume her true identity. Doctors, work colleagues, trans friends, queer artists and even men she meets through Apps: all will give her advice, but only time and experience will help Raphi to find her place in the world.
Jonás Trueba
64 min.
Two couples of friends meet again. They listen to music, talk, read, eat, walk, play at ping-pong... It might not seem like much for a film, that's why YOU HAVE TO COME AND SEE IT.
Alvaro Longoria
92 min.
Tequila. Sexo, Drogas y Rock and Roll is a documentary narrated by Cecilia Roth and with the participation of the survivors of the mythical rock band Tequila: Ariel Rot, Alejo Stivel and Felipe Lipe. The film tells the tale of the legendary rock band who provided the soundtrack for the liberation of young Spanish people during the transition. Five young people who suddenly pull off their dream of making good and those destroyed by the fame and success. But their songs have succeeded in lasting over time as indestructible classics.
Albert Serra
165 min.
On the French Polynesian island of Tahiti, the High Commissioner of the Republic and French government official, de Roller, is a calculating man with flawless manners. His somewhat broad perception of his role brings him to navigate the high end establishment as well as shady venues where he mingles with the locals. Especially since a persistent rumour has been going around: the sighting of a submarine whose ghostly presence could herald the return of French nuclear testing.
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