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Our Newsflashes provide daily updates on the media repercussion enjoyed by the films selected for the different Festival sections and the list of professional activities scheduled for the following day. Newsflashes are sent out to all professionals accredited in the Industry Club.


“Alardearen seme-alabakis woven scene by scene thanks to excellent research and convincing testimonies.” Urtzi Urkizu, BERRIA

A brave and frank documentary in praise of friendship in the midst of conflict and violence, which of course the director knows may arouse controversy.” Rocío García, EL PAÍS

Aitor Merino bares his soul in front of the camera to remind us of a not-so-distant and ever-present past, using a sharp, decidedly austere and ingenious discourse to do so.” Koldo Landaluze, GARA

“We’d never known a mixed Rumanian-Japanese couple, but it works. In love and on the big screen.”B. T., EL DIARIO VASCO

An attractive starting point, a very convincing aseptic ambience, a disturbing atmosphere and an excellent tempo…” Koldo Almandoz, BERRIA

“Manages to transport us to a disconcerting world, as sickeningly dream-like as harrowingly real.”Mikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Exquisite yet eerily disturbing still photography.” Mikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

Eery adaptation of José Saramago’s novel.” Mikel Insausti, ZAZPIKA

“Flows, advances, captivates.”Begoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO

'Campanella's 3D toon pic bows to applause and cheers at San Sebastián", John Hopewell, VARIETY.COM

“Futbolínis the story a father tells his son to get him to stop ruining his fingers playing video games and have a go instead with modest but legendary table football.” Oti Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

The audience watched it enthusiastically, sometimes in silence and sometimes breaking out into laughter. At the end applause resounded around the theatre. ” Manex Munduate, BERRIA

It manages to surpass the comparison of having ‘exceeded Pixar’s technical and artistic quality’ (…) thanks to its originality. It is visually spectacular and takes the action to the extreme; the dialogues are fluid, and the potential of what might have otherwise been limited situations has been admirably exploited, achieving moments of true brilliance.” Angel Aldarondo, BERRIA

Superb opening reference to 2001; hilarious monologues about the meaning of life from the midfielder character.” L. Martínez, EL MUNDO

“Futbolín is 100%Campanella.” Gregorio Belinchón, EL PAÍS

What makes this film about table football figures that come to life so stimulating is the sheer quality of the animation.Pedro Vallín LA VANGUARDIA

“Michael B. Jordan skilfully crafts a well-written role that chimes with the rhythm of a narrative that doesn’t need the typical tragic ending but simply the dots that roll up the screen at the end of the film.”Koldo Landaluze, GARA

“Paulina García comes across as courageous and totally in tune with a wonderfully drawn character.”Koldo Landaluze, GARA

Gravitymanages to make 3D a relevant part of a film.”Toni García, EL PAÍS

The animated drawings speak for themselves, creating conflicting feelings in the viewer.Urtzi Urkizu, BERRIA

He has made a wonderful, moving film, casting the action aside and focusing instead on the lead character’s feelings.” Beñat Eizagirre Indo, BERRIA

Its presence represents one of those unforgettable moments that enrich every festival and ensure its place in history.” Juan G. Andrés, NOTÍCIAS DE GIPUZKOA

La vie d'Adèle

A magnificent, moving story about the emotional and sexual quest of a teenage girl and a fascinating young woman.Oti Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

“Hanif Kureishi’s script is brilliant and his characters ooze intelligence, a sense of humour and a shrewdly ironic vision of life, time, love, art and human relations.” Oti Rodríguez, ABC

“The two characters are both complete and complex, and the impressive couple of actors that play them give what might well be this year’s finest performance.” Oti Rodríguez, ABC

“Starring two talented actors, especially the exquisite Lindsay Duncan who deserves the Silver Shell for Best Actress” , Anton Merikaetxebarria, EL CORREO

“Stimulating script that admirably captures sensations that everyone can identify with”, Mikel G. Gurpegui, EL CORREO

Le week-endis intimist, elegant, intelligent, bitter-sweet and subtle (…) It’s the best film I’ve seen so far in the competitive section” , Carlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

“A wonderfully entertaining film about a Birmingham couple in their autumn years on a weekend getaway to Paris. The actors are blessed with the talent to create believable characters” , Carlos Pumares, LA RAZÓN

Le week-endasks questions about love, desire, friendship and routine and answers them in a wholly competent and entertaining way”, P. Vallín, LA VANGUARDIA

Las brujas de Zugarramurdiis a fun film that works very well.” Oti Rodríguez, ABC

“Sure to be a box-office hit.Juan Arteaga, EL DIARIO VASCO

“Hugely enjoyable horror comedy that will raise box-office takings. Pure, unadulterated De la Iglesia. ”Mikel G. Gurpegui, EL DIARIO VASCO

“A rush of adrenaline that keeps the viewer glued to the screen for two hours.” Mitxel Ezquiaga, EL DIARIO VASCO

“It’s been a long time since I smiled, laughed and roared out loud at the cinema (…) The gags, dialogues and situations are superb. It’s funny, visually spectactular, the actors are genuinely comical. You want this verbal and visual fiesta to go on and on.”Carlos Boyero, EL PAÍS

“Álex de la Iglesia at his best. One-hundred per cent Álex.”Mikel Insausti, GARA

“A total success. Enjoy!” Carlos Pumares, LA RAZÓN

Las brujas de Zugarramurdi marks the return of Alex de la Iglesia at his best” Juan Zapater, NOTÍCIAS DE GIPUZKOA

“A good cast matched by good dialogues, characters and situations illuminate an ordinary and wholly believable group of folk. A choral portrait of the common man in France today.” Juan Zapater, NOTÍCIAS DE GIPUZKOA

A heartfelt story about the life of a young mother trapped in a city.” Oti Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

Constructed with myriad nuances about the individual and society, a certain degree of emotional restraint and some humour in the secondary characters.” Oti Rodríguez Marchante, ABC

With restraint, good rhythm and balance, this is essentially a film about confrontations with mothers. A tale well told. It is like the page in a story in which neither yesterday nor tomorrow matter, only today.” Carlos Pumares, LA RAZÓN

A miniature marvel from Costa Rica”, Begoña del Teso, EL DIARIO VASCO


“Over two intense hours. Wind surfing, the wave of life and the sea stripped bare and viewed from every angle. From the authenticity and charm of the pioneers to the impressive power of the respectful followers.”Víctor Esquirol, GARA

Has skilfully found the meaning in this daring endeavour in which the viewer identifies with the children portrayed.Koldo Landaluze, GARA

“Moving film that combines flexibility and discipline, with a particularly poignant ending: the crossroads. Roads that meet and lead to reconciliation.” A.L, NOTÍCIAS DE GIPUZKOA

Over and above its historical interest, this documentary has enormous narrative tension. The viewer gets totally caught up in the plot of the story." Urtzi Urkizu, BERRIA

This documentary should be carefully preserved for the future.” Urtzi Urkizu, BERRIA

Asier Altuna has achieved a magnificent result with a very small story and an astonishing ending.” Urtzi Urkizu, BERRIA

The lovable characters from the Bruguera legendary comics come back to life in the 21st century but are just as devoted to their marbles and pranks as ever.” Ricardo Aldarondo, EL DIARIO VASCO

The filmmaker takes Zipi and Zape (…) to the big screen with an original story created especially for them.” Carlos Pumares, LA RAZÓN

“The audience laughed, applauded, shouted at the baddies and cheered on the goodies… A resounding success.”Mitxel Ezquiaga, EL CORREO

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