71SSIFF - 22/30 September 2023
Official Selection
Official Selection
Joachim Lafosse
Belgium - France 
112 min.
Joachim Lafosse brings to the screen the Zoe’s Ark controversy which made headlines in 2007: a story about the limits of the right of interference. Jacques Arnault, head of Sud Secours NGO, is planning a high impact operation: he and his team are going to exfiltrate 300 orphans victims of Chadian civil war and bring them to French adoption applicants. Françoise Dubois, a journalist, is invited to come along with them and handle the media coverage for this operation. Completely immersed in the brutal reality of a country at war, the NGO members start losing their convictions and are faced with the limits of humanitarian intervention.
Opening Film
Alejandro Amenábar
Spain - Canada 
106 min.
Minnesota, 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner investigates the case of young Angela, who accuses her father, John Gray, of an unspeakable crime. When John unexpectedly and without recollection admits guilt, renowned psychologist Dr. Raines is brought in to help him relive his memories and what they discover unmasks a horrifying nationwide mystery. 
Not in competition
Closing Film
Rufus Norris
93 min.
A feature film adaptation of the ground-breaking work during two sell-out runs at the National Theatre that documents the events that shook Suffolk in 2006, when the quiet rural town of Ipswich was shattered by the discovery of the bodies of five women. The film follows the community who found themselves at the epicentre of the tragic events. 
Not in competition
Aréna Films & Pyramide Productions
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Jean-Marie Larrieu, Arnaud Larrieu
110 min.
French directors Jean-Marie and Arnaud Larrieu's new film tells the story of Caroline, a woman who cuts her vacation short to organise the funeral of her mother, Isabelle, who has died suddenly at her house in the Pyrenees. She befriends Pattie who looks after her mother's house. But her funeral preparations take an unexpected twist when her mother’s body mysteriously disappears.
Asier Altuna Iza
103 min.
The latest film from the Basque moviemaker, Asier Altuna. A family tale of conflict between the urban and rural worlds, past and present, parents and children. Two different ways of understanding life, and a grandmother who observes the world from deeply eloquent silence. Starring Iraia Elias, Amparo Badiola, Ander Lipus, Manu Uranga, Kandido Uranga and Klara Badiola.
Liu Hao
120 min.
Xiao Ai is diagnosed with a terminal illness and does not have long to live. She is concerned that her parents will become a "lost family" and have no one to take care of them after her death, so she decides to persuade them to have another child... The latest film by Liu Hao, who competed at San Sebastian in 2010 with Addicted to Love.
Mamoru Hosoda
119 min.
The latest film from the master of anime, Mamoru Hosoda is the first animatied film to compete at the San Sebastian Film Festival Official Selection. Kyuta is a solitary boy who lives in Tokyo, and Kumatetsu is a supernatural creature isolated in an imaginary world. One day the boy crosses the border into the imaginary world and makes friends with Kumatetsu, who becomes his friend and spiritual guide. The encounter opens the way to all sorts of adventures.
Federico Veiroj
Spain - Uruguay - France 
80 min.
The third feature film by Federico Veiroj tells the tale of a young boy desperate to escape the faith passed down from his parents as he looks back over his past, his scars, the marks left by guilt and desire. Starring Álvaro Ogalla, Bárbara Lennie, Marta Larralde, Juan Calot, Kaiet Rodríguez, Joaquín Climent and Vicky Peña.
Agustí Villaronga
Spain - Dominican Rep. 
125 min.
Agustí Villaronga adapts the novel of the same name by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez. Recently escaped from reformatory, young Reinaldo tries to get by in the streets of Havana in the late 90s, one of the worst decades for Cuban society. Hopes, disillusionment, rum, good humour and above all hunger, accompany him in his wanderings until he meets Magda and Yunisleidy, survivors like himself. In one or the other's arms, he will try to escape the material and moral misery surrounding him, living love, passion, tenderness and uninhibited sex to the limit. 
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Pablo Agüero
France - Argentina - Spain 
85 min.
Evita Perón has died. She is the most loved, but also the most hated political figure of Argentina. A leading expert is given the task of embalming her. After months of hard work, the result is perfect. Meanwhile in Argentina, the coups come one after the other and some dictators want to delete Evita’s legacy from the people’s memory. Her body therefore becomes the focal point of clashes lasting for 25 years. 25 years during which Evita was a more powerful figure than any other living politician.
Films in Progress 27
Lucile Hadzihalilovic
France - Belgium - Spain 
81 min.
After winning the New Directors award in 2004 with Innocence, Lucile Hadzihalilovic returns to the San Sebastian Festival with her new film. On a remote island inhabited solely by women and young boys, Nicolas and the other boys are subjected to mysterious and sinister medical treatments.
Peter Sollett
103 min.
Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Michael Shannon, Steve Carell and Josh Charles star in this film based on the Oscar®-winning short documentary and adapted by the writer of Philadelphia. The true love story of Laurel Hester and Stacie Andree and their fight for justice. A decorated New Jersey police detective, Laurel is diagnosed with cancer and wants to leave her hard earned pension to her domestic partner, Stacie. However the county officials, Freeholders, conspire to prevent Laurel from doing this. Hard-nosed detective Dane Wells, and activist Steven Goldstein, unite in Laurel and Stacie’s defence, rallying police officers and ordinary citizens to support their struggle for equality.
Ben Wheatley
118 min.
British director Ben Wheatley presents his last work, based on J.G. Ballard's novel of the same name. Dr. Robert Laing moves into his new apartment seeking soulless anonymity, only to find that the building's residents have no intention of leaving him alone.  As he struggles to establish his position, Laing's good manners and sanity disintegrate along with the building.
Philippe Lesage
118 min.
While a series of kidnappings of young boys is raging in Montreal, Félix, 10, finished school in Old Longueuil, an ordinary suburb of peaceful appearance. Imaginative and sensitive, Félix, like many children, is afraid of everything. Little by little, the childhood imaginary demons mix with demons of a disturbing reality.
Levan Tutberidze
95 min.
This is a dramatic story of the family living in the seaside city. After Mamuka is released from prison, he tries to rescue his family from poverty. His mother is working abroad, his father is wheelchair-ridden, and his unemployed younger brother appears to be attracted by criminals. Mamuka takes out a loan and buys a small fishing boat. But fate is often blind and merciless
Rúnar Rúnarsson
Iceland - Denmark - Croatia 
99 min.
A coming-of-age story about the 16-year old boy Ari, who has been living with his mother in Reykjavik and is suddenly sent back to the remote Westfjords to live with his father Gunnar. There, he has to navigate a difficult relationship with his father, and he finds his childhood friends changed. In these hopeless and declining surroundings, Ari has to step up and find his way.
Terence Davies
UK - Luxembourg 
135 min.
An intimate epic of hope, tragedy and love at the dawning of the Great War, adapted from the Scottish novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon and directed by Terence Davies.
Cesc Gay
Spain - Argentina 
108 min.
Cesc Gay's new film, starring Ricardo Darín and Javier Cámara, revolves around the relationship between two friends: Julian receives an unexpected visit from his friend Tomás, who lives in Canada. For four intense days, the two men, accompanied by Julian's faithful dog, Truman, will share emotional and surprising moments prompted by Julián's complicated situation. 
Marc Recha
70 min.
Marc Recha presents his latest film, starring his son Roc and Sergi López. In a lonely spot, a boy flies a kite made by his father. It's windy and the boy needs an adult to help him untangle it from the vegetation and keep it flying. In the middle of nature, they tell a special tale.
Álex de la Iglesia
100 min.
Jose, unemployed, is sent by a temp agency to work as an extra for the recording of a special New Year's Eve programme, in mid August. Hundreds of people like him have been shut indoors day and night for a week and a half while they pretend to laugh, stupidly celebrating the false arrival of the New Year. Is there place for love amid the uncontrollable chaos? An ensemble comedy from Álex de la Iglesia on which the diva crooner Raphel joins an impressive cast: Carlos Areces, Carolina Bang, Luis Callejo, Mario Casas, Carmen Machi, Pepón Nieto, Terele Pávez, Ana Polvorosa, Carmen Ruiz, Hugo Silva, Santiago Segura, Blanca Suárez, Antonio Velázquez and Enrique Villén.
Not in competition
Imanol Uribe
105 min.
Imanol Uribe reflects in his latest film on the drama of people confronted with the horrors of the past. When Santi is released from jail he travels south to visit his friend and former cellmate Emilio, afflicted with a terminal illness. Unexpectedly, he runs into Marina, the doctor caring for his friend, with whom Santi had a terrible encounter many years back that has affected both of their lives ever since. This meeting will revive the horrors of the past. Elena Anaya and Eduard Fernández headline the cast.
Special Screenings
Pere Joan Ventura
78 min.
An ensemble tale of people who, alone or as a crowd, from their district or a university dais, stir up life in Spanish cities every day.
Special Screenings
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